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Bridge Finance

Bridge financing is for companies in need of working capital or other capital requirements in preparation for expansion or another financing event. Examples include:

  • Debt financing to carry a company through an interim period before an initial public offering or an acquisition.
  • Working capital bridge for an inventory build prior to peak sales season.

Bridging funds are collateral-based and short term, for needs that may span a few months or up to a year.

Asset-Based Loans
Bridging Finance is willing to provide asset-based financing to companies requiring additional capital beyond that willing to be provided by existing lenders. Typically, these loans will be secured against accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, or other assets of the company.

Inventory Finance
Bridging Finance is willing to extend credit for 100% of inventory purchases, either replacing or as an addition to existing financing.

DIP (Debtor-In-Possession) Financing
Bridging Finance is willing to provide DIP (Debtor-In-Possession) financing to companies in order to provide additional working capital required as part of a restructuring process.

Bridging Finance provides factoring services to nearly any business that invoices or extends credit to their customers for services rendered and/or products delivered. Factoring allows businesses to easily turn their credit worthy receivables into immediate cash to improve cash flow.

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