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Corporate Finance

We relieve corporate house and business leaders to make intelligent decisions by providing Bank Finance, Due Diligence, Mergers & Acquisitions and ensuring growth and profitability of their organization. Our network with banks and Private Equity Funds with a good understanding of their needs enables us to structure, negotiate and execute complex transactions resulting in a win-win situation for both our clients and banks/investors. Our advisors works exclusively with growing companies throughout the company lifecycle by providing consulting services including business plan development, corporate financial planning, strategy formation, to raising capital for growth financing, acquisition financing, corporate debt and equity placement or refinancing, or assisting companies and owners with the evaluation and execution of owner exit strategies.

We helps companies access capital from a wide variety of institutional lenders, mezzanine funds, and equity firms. Some of these reasons may be to secure growth financing, refinance corporate debt, buyout a shareholder, acquire another company, or provide the owner some liquidity Our team of corporate finance consultants successfully secures business financing for our clients. We can advise and arrange the best financial deal as per your requirements.

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