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Audit for ERP Implementation

ERP implementations are tough. By the time executives and project team members get to the end of the implementation, they are often ready to throw in the towel and end the pain, risk and disruption created by the deployment. Given the fact that most executives are simply happy to not blow their implementation budget or bring their organization to its knees during go-live, it’s no wonder that the last thing on their minds is determining actual post-implementation results.

Plan your post-implementation. It may sound elementary, but planning beyond go-live is incomprehensible to most executives and project team members, especially when they are stuck in the weeds of an implementation. However, no organization will achieve its expected business benefits without long-term planning. As proven in our experience and research, successful ERP implementations make post-implementation activities a high priority.

As independent, unbiased advisors, we can assess your situation and develop a plan that fits your unique situation. Whether you are a school, a government, a business, or a not-for-profit organization, you can rely on our ERP specialists to know the ERP marketplace and the solutions available. And they have experience helping organizations like yours select and implement ERP systems that unite their strategies, people, and processes.

Our ERP implementation specialists can help you through each phase of the implementation process. They bring deep application software and infrastructure expertise to every implementation. They use a project management methodology that carefully defines the scope of the project and the roles of everyone involved along with a timeline and checkpoints to ensure the implementation will be completed on time and within budget.

There is no question that enterprise resource planning can help you work more effectively and efficiently. But finding the right system, supporting it with the right infrastructure, leveraging best practices, and adapting it to your organization’s unique needs is a complex process. Our ERP team can help you face these challenges with confidence and deliver a robust return on investment.

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